Sunset Beach

Old Florida

Sunset Beach is a quirky “old Florida” beach community located at the southern end of Treasure Island, Florida. It is a small, residential beach neighborhood¬†that some have colorfully described as coming “straight out of a Jimmy Buffet song.” In fact, you can often hear live music performers singing classic Jimmy Buffet tunes while driving into Sunset Beach past the local watering holes.

Most days of the week, Sunset Beach is quieter than other area beaches, being less well-known and somewhat off the beaten track. Saturdays and Sundays, things get hoppin’, although you’ll never have a hard time finding a suitable piece of sandy real estate to¬†plop down your towel and beach umbrella.

The beach community and visitors are an eclectic bunch– million dollar homes mingle with small fisherman cottages from Florida’s mid-century past. The unique and diverse atmosphere lends well to the bohemian friendliness of the neighborhood. It is also one of the few beaches in the region that is known for welcoming the gay and lesbian community.

There are showers and a pavilion available right on the beach.